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Hajra said:
Tuesday, 1 Jul 2014
I am 16 and im doing a part time job during my study leave along side my dad. I want to continue working there but I want to do an apprenticeship (a course) which would help me continue with my further education. I am looking forward to enquiring about an apprenticeship after ive heard about the amount of people successful and happy after doing apprenticeships.
Angela said:
Monday, 13 Aug 2012
Looks an excellent site with a lot of very useful information
Carmen said:
Sunday, 15 Apr 2012
Your information is thorough and easy to follow. I would like to register as a learning provider and I am taking as much information as I can. I would like to see more of how one can become a learning provider, and what are the basic requirements. We know of premises, computers, Health and Safety regulation, office supplies, Public Liability Insurance, etc.. what else would you recommend.
Anonymous said:
Thursday, 2 Sep 2010
I found your website very helpful especially the apprentice rights and discrimination section. I feel much better after reading it! :P thanks
Oyekunle said:
Friday, 19 Mar 2010
I am glad to join this newsletter apprenticeship.thanks
Travis said:
Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009
I am looking forward to starting your program this year. The opportunity to focus on this craft is very exciting.
Nick said:
Monday, 16 Nov 2009
Thanks for letting me use your content.
Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009
Wish to look for info on appreticeship in IT. Thanks.
DEREK W said:
Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009
Narinder said:
Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009
I am very interested in a jewellery apprenticeship and would like more information .thank you
Christina said:
Wednesday, 6 Aug 2008
I am very interested in a jewellery apprenticeship, if you have any information you could pass on I would be very greatful, thanks.